i am feeling blue :( is it me or is it u!

me was feeling blue,
i asked myself, what should I do?
something feels a little bad,
how do I fix this feeling sad?

i told myself I need to see
exactly what is bothering me
so me thought and thought through all my fears
and the big world blurred from all my tears.

with tissues piled on either side
me sighed, i’m glad I cried.
now i’ve fixed whatever was wrong.
now the sadness should be gone
so me sat down and looked inside… HOLY COW!
it was bigger now.

but me was one tough pup
me told myself, I won’t give up.
i’ll tell my friends i’m feeling blue,
i’m sure that they’ll know what to do.

someone said, things, your life ain’t half bad.
she said, they aren’t so sad.
me said, that’s rough, man.
but inside me thought, this was a bad plan.

then, me was not just sad,
now add to sad, me felt quite bad.
the past two plans didn’t work at all,
and still remained the sadness flaw.

I hate this horrible sticky sadness,
the feeling badness.
this must be madness.

if everyone said I should be happy,
maybe the problem is all just me.

and then the sadness got much worse,
for me had cast a curse.
sadness and blueness are tough to bout,
but they’re nothing compared to the worst, self-doubt.

now, on top of feeling blue,
me is sad,
feels bad, thinks me’s mad,

some of us can sit through sadness,
but others, this can drive to madness.

what’s the difference between these two?
is it just that some people don’t feel blue?
no, you silly, it’s what you do
when a bit of blueness falls on you.

there is a myth that goes like this
every moment should be filled with happiness.
the truth is there isn’t always a cure
sometimes we simply have to endure.

so if you’re having a miserable day,
be a grump, feel that way.
just feel the way you need to feel,
the truth is it’s just no big deal.

Temptations :|

The subject of temptation is a fascinating one to me.  As people we are always tempted with something.  Normally when the word temptation is used it has to do with a form of the forbidden.  For instance if I commit to fasting for a certain amount of time, during that period I will at some point be tempted to eat.  I may be on day 3 of a 10 day fast for instance, and all of a sudden it’s free pizza day at work.  I can smell it, my stomach is grumbling and my body is craving the cheese and sauce.  Now what?

First let’s first define temptation.  I didn’t search the dictionary, but for the sake of this post, we will define temptation as: a desire to do or partake in something that is at least temporarily forbidden.  (I.e. food when fasting)  It is the compromise of the highest form of original intention, infecting personal character and integrity. The core of these temptations stem from three areas: The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  No temptation will exist without at least one of these at play.  Examples:

Lust of the flesh – You know you got a lady or a man – yet you feel tempted to flirt or allow yourself to be flirted with by that attractive person you see at the mall.

Lust of the eyes – While at the same mall you see that outfit that you think is hot.  But you know you don’t need that outfit.  Furthermore, if you spend that money, you will put yourself behind the 8 ball and it will cost you more than the price of the outfit later.

Pride of Life – Driving from the mall a car cuts you off as you turn to approach the exit.  You know the best thing to do is turn the page and be thankful there was no accident.  Walk away.  But something inside says you should give that fool a piece of your mind.

These are just some general examples.  We are constantly bombarded with temptations through life’s experiences as we just covered.  We are also tempted through media and advertisement.  Even the way your local grocery store shelves its products is a way to tempt you to spend more money on the most expensive products.

I am learning that what we do with temptation is what makes or breaks us in daily life.  Do we face temptation head on or do we slide backwards into its cunning and deceptive ways?  Recognizing temptation is the first key.  So often we are bombarded with images and situations, I’m not sure we realize how much we face on the day to day.

The best way to deal with temptation is to confront it head on.  By that I mean we shouldn’t play ourselves into acting like we aren’t tempted when we really are.  If you are tempted to do something, just admit it.  Its not a sign of weakness but of strength to face the facts of self evaluation.  How many times have we put ourselves in bad situations because we were in denial about what was going on inside our hearts?  Only to find later we are filled with regrets of personal failings.  Once we face the reality of what is tempting us, next decide what to do about it.  If we take immediate action, we are far more likely to overcome that temptation.  If we allow the imagination to fester and permeate our psyche, we are more likely to fall into said temptation.  Excuse me for putting it this way, but temptation is a subtle mother-fucker!  And you can’t be pussying around with it either!  It has to be handled and dealt with head on or it will get you caught up with the quickness.

For each person it’s important to know what it is you really want out of life.  What is the level of happiness you want to achieve?  What kind of house do you want to live in?  How healthy would you like to be and what kind of body do you want to have?  What kind of relationships do you want with your significant other, family and friends?  What kind of impact would you like to make in this life?  What do you need to do to make that impact?  What tenancies and weaknesses do you have that would prevent you from living your best life.  How far are you willing to go to maximize your potential and live your best life?  Answer these questions and you are on your way to living life in a real way.

There is no shame in being tempted.  Jesus himself was tempted.  It will be an ongoing happening for the rest of our lives.  The man/woman of the highest level of integrity will recognize self tendencies and take appropriate action in order to ensure that life is lived with the greatest amount of freedom without the constant weight of consequences from bad decisions.  If our eyes are wide open to who we are and what is before us, we can use temptation and our success/failings as a barometer to measure personal growth.  The thing about temptation is this – being tempted never made anyone do anything they didn’t want to do.  No matter what temptations we face in life, we always retain the final rights of choice.  To not recognize temptation sets us up to merely fall over and over again into cycles of failure.  Understanding and self- knowing will help us make the right choices that we are willing to live with.

Whatever you do with temptation is up to you.  Just keep your eyes open and take responsibility for what happens.

Alonso springs a Singapore surprise as Mc Laren are back in the top

Renault’s Fernando Alonso scored a surprise success just when he most needed it, in one of the most eagerly anticipated Grand Prix in Formula One history, under the lights of Singapore on Sunday. And he owed much of it to team mate Nelson Piquet, whose crash on the 14th lap changed the face of the race.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Renault R28 crosses the line to win Formula One World Championship, Rd 15, Singapore Grand Prix, Race, Singapore, Sunday, 28 September 2008
Fernando Alonso (ESP) Renault R28 crosses the line to win Formula One World Championship, Rd 15, Singapore Grand Prix, Race, Singapore, Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa led from pole position from McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen in the second Ferrari, and Alonso dropped way back when he was the first to stop as the result of an aggressive opening stint. Then Piquet had his shunt and out came the safety car. Fourth-placed Robert Kubica for BMW Sauber and Williams’ Nico Rosberg both pitted before the pit lane was officially opened, and when it was on the 17th lap, Massa’s race fell apart as he led Hamilton, Raikkonen, Toro Rosso’s Sebastian Vettel and Toyota’s Timo Glock.

The green light within his cockpit told Massa he could restart, but the refuelling hose was still attached to his car. He knocked over a mechanic as the hose tore away, and fuel spewed everywhere. Subsequently he was given a drive-through penalty for another unsafe exit in front of the Force India of Adrian Sutil.

Kubica and Rosberg were given 10-second stop-and-go penalties. The Pole’s ruined his race, but Rosberg was able to keep in play even after serving his. In the pit stop shuffle Hamilton got delayed running behind Alonso, Rosberg, Toyota’s Jarno Trulli, Giancarlo Fisichella (who had started from the pit lane after set-up changes on his Force India), and Mark Webber and David Coulthard in the Red Bulls. Eventually the British driver moved up to fourth behind Alonso, Rosberg and Coulthard, but he was losing a second a lap behind the Scot, and that was where his chance of winning evaporated.

Not even a second safety-car period, on the 51st lap after Massa spun and an unsighted Sutil crashed, could throw him a lifeline, but with Raikkonen crashing while fighting Glock for fourth place on the 58th lap, he could afford to settle for the six points that took his championship tally to 84 points, with Massa still on 77, Kubica 64 and Raikkonen 57. Equally, McLaren were able to move a point ahead of Ferrari in the constructors’ chase.

Thus Alonso scored his first win since Monza 2007 and Renault’s first since Japan 2006, and Rosberg scored his best-ever finish after a fine drive. Behind Glock, Vettel fended off Nick Heidfeld for fifth, and Coulthard and Kazuki Nakajima completed the points scorers.

Jenson Button was ninth for Honda ahead of an unhappy Heikki Kovalainen, who lost out badly in a first-lap brush with Kubica as they fought over fourth place; the Pole was 11th from Sebastien Bourdais, the deeply unhappy Massa and Fisichella. Raikkonen was classified 15th.

Trulli failed to finish with a mechanical problem, as did Webber; Barrichello ran out of fuel in his Honda, and Sutil and Piquet both crashed.

With far more overtaking than the drivers had predicted, Formula One’s first-ever night race packed in plenty of excitement, and was adjudged a great success.

Am I forgetting how to write …. :|

Scary ? It is !!!

I used to think about it a lot. Never really talked about this to anyone … today I decided to change that. The reason was that I read an article with similar thoughts and I was actually scared. What am I talking about? Well I am talking about modern life. I am talking about today. Or may be even the future.

REWIND – ten years back, I was jus about to finish school. Internet as known to me was a luxury to have at homes and in the few Internet cafes we had it used to be 70 bucks an hour. Some of u may have grown up downloading music and have a TV with at least 70 channels, unlike me n a lot many others who had to go to shops and buy records (I have used them but din have the luck to buy them) and CDs, in fact even tapes. The TV only played Door Darshan and may be towards the later part of my school days the Zee n Star revolution happened. The mobile phones now are small n efficient rather than the brick sized ones I remember my dad lugging around (I never had the luxury of a mobile phone till college, still it ain’t anywhere close to the stuff we get today) and ten years back during my school days, Facebook would have been a description of getting slapped by a paperback by my geography teacher.

Things have changed! Digital technology has been the biggest turning point to impact day-to-day life. Providing us the means of communication, social networking, endless entertainment, learning, its jus unstoppable, I have grown with it, and have realized how it is affecting our behavior and our very patterns of thinking. Unlike early days we are evolving on a daily basis and no doubt it is exciting but scary at the same time. There is always a cost with any advancement however; will it cost us our life?

I have realized that with the introduction of computers into almost every aspect of my life, personal and professional, I rarely find myself writing with a pen and paper. On top of that at times I feel that my brain only works well when I am hitting a keyboard. This is where I kind of start thinking if this am an evolution or degradation of my abilities. May be I am jus struggling to handle too many things at once these days. It is scary but its worse if u see my handwriting! The condition and quality of my handwriting is something else altogether, pretty embarrassing that it might pass off as a doing of a three year old kid. If u still think that this may not be a problem for you try and check handwriting of our older generations who still manage without computers, its beautiful ain’t it?

Technology has made us dependent in many things; I used to remember the phone numbers of all my classmates by heart. Now I have to rely on my phone book in my mobile phone … why jus the phone numbers, to-do lists, birthday reminders (orkut n facebook or even the lame attempt by birthday alarms), I fcuking can’t even remember my spellings well. I bloody well blame the sms n chatting culture to be blamed for that. I still prefer writing full words in my sms’s – which does manage to raise a few eyebrows, but even here the T9 n word processing dictionaries have spoilt the ability for us to think.

I feel that the following picture is really apt for the situation that we are heading for the Planet of the Apes era sooner than the great writer expected.

evolution or is it
evolution or is it

zipping thru the night @ 300kmph with no headlights

Imagine Hamilton bombing down the Esplanade drive , in Singapore,  approaching 300km per hour. With no headlights. If you’re wondering what the first ever night F1 Grand Prix is going to be like, think bright. Very bright.

trail of lighting systems
trail of lighting systems

New-age lighting equipment will bring daylight to the coming Singapore F1on the last weekend of September 2008.

Keith Collantine from F1 Fanatic UK reports about the the preparation Singapore has done at no expense spared:

Here are few pictures showing just how bright the lighting will be at the inaugual Singapore Grand Prix this weekend:

trail runs

They’ve also tested out the lighting system that will be used for flag warnings:

flag warnings

Concerns have been expressed by drivers and fans about the safety of racing at night – but from these pictures it looks as though the race will be very well-lit.

According to the organizers the pit building is complete and resurfacing work on parts of the circuit has been completed.

The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix will be held on 26-28th September. It will be F1’s first night race and is expected to be followed by Malaysia in 2009 and possibly several other Asian circuits in the near future. The scheduled race will be held on the third day of the race weekend, September 28, 2008. The 5.067km long track is composed of technical high speed turns and long straights with lots and lots of overtaking points that will surely keep the crowd on their toes. The F1 Singapore Grand Prix will be first street race in Asia and is one of three races in the 2008 F1 calendar to run anticlockwise. The cars will run in down town Singapore along the garden city’s beautiful skyline and some historic places lit up for the night race.

the track
the track

psyvolution -:| stage i |:- july 08 set

this was the first psytrance party i had dj’d in. the following is my playlist with description . also at the end of the post is the link to download my full set recorded live during the party.

|| P L A Y L I S T ||

  • Smack my Bitch Up (HYT Rmx) – Prodigy    BPM:145.0
  • Mother Funker (Live Edit) – Pixel & Wrecked Machines    BPM: 145.0
  • Out Of Space – Skazi And Mc Fishi     BPM: 145.2
  • Love is Gone (David Guetta) – Dj Billie Psy Mix    BPM: 145.0
  • Grip – Melicia & Dynamic     BPM: 145.0
  • Breakpoint – Delirious    BPM: 145.0
  • Acid for Nothing – 1200 Mics    BPM: 145.0
  • Shiva’s India – 1200 Mics    BPM: 145.0
  • Merlin (Infected Remix) – Infected Mushroom     BPM: 145.0
  • 2006 mix – Greece    BPM: 132.0
  • Lethal Industry (Tiesto) – Dj Billie Psy Mix    BPM: 140.0*
  • Rapture – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 140.0
  • Just a Little More Love (David Guetta) – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 140.0*
  • Ali Payami – First Choice (ORIGINAL MIX)     BPM: 129.0
  • Gayatri Mantra (Mafaiza) – Dj Billie Psy Mix     BPM: 103.5

total duration: 90 min

the tracks marked in BOLD have been mixed by me – i dj under the name dj billie

the tracks marked in BOLD* have been mixed by Dj Nawed for Submerge.In which were then mixed by me for psytrance.

this party n this set would not have been a success without the help of Dj Ssandy and Dj Hersh.


Chromified – is it time to change?

chrome logo
chrome logo

Just downloaded the newest entrant in browser market – Google Chrome. So whats the difference Google is making by launching their own browser in such fierce competition between arch-rivals Microsoft and friends Mozilla?

B*Chronicles chromified
B*Chronicles Chromified

Here are some pointers on the Google Chrome website:

Google Chrome is a Open Source browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

  • One box for everything – Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.
  • Thumbnails of your top sites – Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab
  • Shortcuts for your apps – Get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications

OK, but the ultimate question is WHY? – there is an answer for this too: According to Google, we spend most of out online time in a browser – search, chat, email, blog, bank, catch up with friends, read news, follow sports.. all with a browser. So in order to make our lives simpler, Google brought us this Chrome – On the surface its simple and straight,  under the hood, there is a strong browser that runs complex web apps. Each and every tab is an isolated ’snadbox’ that prevents the other tab from crashing and provides protection from rogue sites. There is a very strong and new JavaScript engine, V8 to help pages load faster.

Well is it fast enough?

hmm… , so far I have not experienced a lag in the working of the Chrome. But I cannot really say that given the speed of my internet connection (. but nagging issue that i have noticed is that Face Book does not work properly in it … specially the POKE function from your home page. hope they will do something about that.

Why dont you try it and let me know: Get Google Chrome

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