Dubai Jayenge (will u go to dubai)

Nothing about me has changed.  As soon as I make a to-do list, I take the time to do things like this.

I started writing this post a while ago, but stopped because I realized that I wasn’t exactly sure what I was trying to say.  Everything in my life felt messy for a moment, and I suppose I was trying to vent, but I do not enjoy public…ventilation?, so I deleted it.  My mind and eyes are wide open to everything that is new around me, and believe me, there is an abundance of newness present.  I’m not just foreign, I feel foreign, which is something new for me.

On to something new.  I’ve been going to job interviews for the last few weeks, which has entailed daily journeys between the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah.  The distance between the two should only take about 15 minutes, but because of the traffic, it can take up to 3 hours, specially while returning from Sharjah during peak hours.  Because this country does not believe in an actual system of public transportation, and I am sans vehicle, I have been taking taxis.  I’m sure you all can just imagine the joyful expression on the face of a Sharjahtaxi driver when, after hailing him, I divert eye contact and say ”to Dubai, please!” Like a small child ordered to do his chores, he whimpers and carries on.  The first time this happened, the taxi driver and I were stuck together for 3 and 1/2 hours. After the second hour, he turned to look at me and pointed his pinkie finger toward the roof of the car.  I couldn’t help but to squint my eyes in question. Understanding that I was confused, he said, “do you know what this means?” I confirmed my confusion. “It means I need to go to toilet, too much water I drink. Okay with you Sirji?” (the taxi driver was a nice  pakistani chap) Of course, I would not deny him personal relief, so we pulled over at some sort of automotive shop.  I decided not to ask about the pinkie, and store the gesture in my mind for future reference.

The small whimper and complaint I receive from Sharjah taxis is not what I have experienced from Dubai drivers.  If I tell him my destination before actually placing myself in the taxi, he will drive away quickly, leaving me to continue frying in the sun.  I think I have finally mastered the situation, though.  The first step is to place self in taxi and close door before any communication.  Then, break the news about the future you will share.  The other day I did this, and the driver told me, “no, get out.”  After some pleading, he still refused.  I politely told him that I was not moving.  We sat in silence, parked against the curb for 10 minutes, until finally I said, “listen, I’m not getting out, and I truly don’t mind sitting here for as long as it takes.”  At that moment, he reluctantly forced his way into the traffic. I WIN.

When, I tell you that the traffic is bad, I feel that some of you may think I’m exaggerating. I googled “Dubai Traffic” and found a photo that documents perfectly my commute:

Sophisticated cities have sophisticated public transportation. COME ON DUBAI! …. well after all dubai is one place that has been on the front of human development for many years but this is one area i hope they do something about pretty soon.

coming back to the point that i had delayed this writeup for long … well it was another incident in Mumbai that made me situp n think. I was supposed to catch a train from LTT Kurla at 9:50pm and left Kandivali at around 5:15pm, i still missed the train. O|O … i know people have been raising too many eyebrows… i reached the station that day at 10.30pm … of course i should have assumed that the train had left but … 😐

well i guess we can jus say that the whole world … be it Hi Tech Dubai or our very own Amchi Mumbai … traffic is something mankind is yet to control 🙂

Jai Maharastra !!!

Thackerey’s Policies. Have a look at it….

We all should support Raj Thackeray and take his initiative ahead by doing more…

  • We should teach our kids that if he is second in class, don’t study harder.. just beat up the student coming first and throw him out of the school.
  • Parliament should have only Delhiites as it is located in Delhi.
  • Prime-minister, president and all other leaders should only be from Delhi.
  • No Hindi movie should be made in Bombay. Only Marathi.
  • At every state border, buses, trains, flights should be stopped and staff changed to local men.
  • All Maharashtrians working abroad or in other states should be sent back as they are SNATCHING employment from Locals.
  • Lord Shiv, Ganesha and Parvati should not be worshiped in our state as they belong to north (Himalayas).
  • Visits to Taj Mahal should be restricted to people from UP only.
  • Relief for farmers in Maharashtra should not come from centre because that is the money collected as Tax from whole of India, so why should it be given to someone in Maharashtra?
  • Let’s support kashmiri Militants because they are right to killing and injuring innocent people for benefit of their state and community……
  • Let’s throw all MNCs out of Maharashtra, why should they earn from us? We will open our own Maharashtra Microsoft, MH Pepsi and MH Marutis of the world.
  • Let’s stop using cell phones, emails, TV, foreign Movies and dramas. James Bond should speak Marathi.
  • We should be ready to die hungry or buy food at 10 times higher price but should not accept imports from other states.
  • We should not allow any industry to be setup in Maharashtra because all machinery comes from outside.
  • We should STOP using local trains… Trains are not manufactured by Marathi manoos (people) and Railway Minister is a Bihari.
  • Ensure that all our children are born, grow, live and die without ever stepping out of Maharashtra, then they will become true Marathi’s

Me, Marathi written by Shoba De

i am in love with this woman, awesome writeup !!!

Correct me if I am wrong, Raj… but I consider myself an assal
Marathi manoos. Born in Maharashtra to Maharashtrian parents etc.
Proud to be Marathi (even though my language skills in my mother
tongue are embarrassingly dodgy). I don’t know how to make the
perfect puran poli but I do love aamti..

This is clearly not enough anymore. Going by the checklist, I could
be disqualified on several scores. I am married to a Bong, who has
lived and worked in Mumbai for over 30 years (but alas, has not been
appointed ambassador to the state of West Bengal yet!). He attends
Durga Puja regularly and prefers maacher jhol to vangi bhaat.

Fortunately, we don’t have a daughter-in-law to name a college after,
either in Kolkata or Mumbai…. And our children (like yours) did not
attend Marathi-medium schools.. We employ people based on their
competence, not caste or region. And I have never asked the vegetable
vendor, breadwalla, taxi driver, dhobi, sweeper, elevator attendant,
security guard, pizza delivery boy or any of the other people who
make my life easier, which part of India they come from.

This is Mumbai, meri jaan! Who cares where anyone comes from? Dhanda
is all that matters.. Mumbai is India ‘s most powerful magnet. Once
you get here, you never leave. Don’t believe me? Ask those innocent
bhajjiwallas and doodhwallas who were beaten up and stoned by your
men last week. Even with blood-soaked bandages around their heads,
and broken hearts, they are staying put. As they should.

Aaah, the natak of your dramatised ‘arrest’ was not lost on anybody.
Had Rakhi Sawant’s slapping stunt not grabbed those eyeballs on
Valentine’s Day, viewers would still be stuck with the image of a
nattily dressed you (mmmm…loved the styling), clambering in and out
of the police van. If Rakhi cleverly stage-managed the incident, what
should one say about your brilliant coup? Overnight, Raj Thackeray
was elevated from being the discarded Thackeray to a national figure.
In one well-orchestrated move, you went from being a neglected nephew
of an ageing tiger, to a sharp-clawed, teeth-baring cub with an
independent act of his own. The circus acquired a brand new star attraction — you!

It was never easy being a Thackeray. Ask Balasaheb. If he targeted
south Indians in the ’60s, you smartly headed north. Same agenda,
diametrically different directions. By questioning the bona fides of
those who have made Maharashtra their home, both of you tapped into
the vulnerabilities of the average Marathi manoos. It is worth asking
the very people whose interests you are protecting, whether they
really want to do the dirty work currently being handled by the

Will the Marathi manoos agree to put in 18 hours a day plying taxis,
selling veggies, washing clothes and so on? Who’s stopping them from
turning into vendors of milk, food grains, and other commodities?
Perhaps, the Marathi manoos considers such occupations demeaning? The
truth is, these jobs have always gone abegging, and there have been
any number of hungry, unemployed people from other states ready and
willing to grab them. Kick the ‘outsiders’ out at your own peril, and
see what happens…

Why do farmers commit suicide in such numbers only in Maharashtra ?
The answer, dear Raj, may surprise you.

In your defence, let me say you received the worst press — biased at
best, and shrill to boot. Most of the semi-hysterical reporters from
prestigious news channels were embarrassingly ill-informed as they
blabbered incoherently each time a leaf moved outside the
magistrate’s court!

Surely, you are not complaining? Everything seems to be going
according to the master plan. You have ‘made it’ in one swift move.
And women are finding you kinda cute in that sleeveless baby blue
pullover. Great copy, great photo ops. What more does a neta want? To
keep Mayawati and Lalu out of Maharashtra ? Now, that’s a tall order!

friends!!! all i wanna say is that jus because some dude is getting a complex of getting his presence felt in all the wrong ways possible. end of it he is sitting in his house … roaming around in the safety of his bullet proof cars …. WHO SUFFERS? us … we … me … u … the common man … is dividing the country a solution to all this problem … where is the india’s image of being the most culturally and non communal country in the world … are we the common people to blame … NO !!! … its the few people who ae creating the divide in this beautiful nation.

Hello Happiness !!!

how do u define happiness?

“i feel it is more of a feeling rather than something that we can easily put into words” says G*Nice

some measure it by money in the bank, though its no doubt true that if you have a healthy flow of cash, you are empowered to enjoy the pleasures of life and live comfortably, drive a fancy car, enjoy the fruits of exotic travel and to a certain degree have a sense of security for the future. but then life does tell us that no one knows what the next days or in fact the next moment has in store for us. to top it all we have heard of multimillionaires who on the face of it have everything, but just cannot buy themselves true happiness.

so as a proof we know that true happiness is not just a money thing. i have more often found it to be true that people that seem to have very little in terms of material wealth and those who don’t get caught up in the rat race to usually acquire the same, appear to be the most content. but i don know if it’s merely a case of ignorance is bliss or is it that a more humble and uncluttered living allows people to focus on the more important things in life, like health, family, community and stuff like that.

don’t get me wrong, if i say that i would love have a mint back home. i wouldn’t mind a few extra zeros at the end of my bank balance with a number of course at the front of them. i wouldn’t mind living n spending extravagantly, but then it hits me … just think of the difference you could make to somebody’s life by using what u blow away at a club on a Saturday night. sometimes it sure seems that there is something missing, even though the wealth is plentiful.

i feel happiness is a much more simpler than it seems. if u wake up in the morning and before you are truly aware of who and where you are, you have a feeling of optimism and calm surrounding u rather than dread or  worries, then i feel u are on the right path. if u can go about your daily routine being thoroughly sure that there is no one u have bad feelings for, and that anyone u meet will be pleased to meet you, then u are doing something right. just look at your friends and relationships that you have, and use it them as a mirror to judge yourself and you come out looking pretty, i think u have then actually cracked it. Happiness i mean, not the mirror!!!

All that i am – Shushant Rao George

This is my life, its not what it was before, how these feelings I have shared.
These are my dreams, that I haven’t lived before,
somebody wake me coz I must be sleeping.

now that we are here so far away,I will struggle if I wasn’t there,
all the mistakes that I have made,they have finally started to go away.
now that we are here so far away and I feel that I can face again.
I can say that I ain’t ashamed to be the person that I am today.

These are my words that I have never said before,I think I am dealing ok.
This is my smile, that I have never shown before,
somebody shake me coz I must be sleeping.

Now that we are here so far away,I will struggle if I wasn’t there
all the mistakes that i have made,they have finally started to go away.
now that we are here so far away and I feel that I can face again,
I can say that I ain’t ashamed to be the person I am today.

I have started fading,please don’t save me.
I am afraid of waking,please don’t shake me.

Now that we are here so far away, I will struggle if I wasnt there,
and all the mistakes that I have made,they have finally started to go away.
now that we are here so far away and I feel that I can face again.
I can say that I ain’t ashamed to be the person I am today.

written by close friend Shushant

Motorcycles, life & everything else in between.